Stuck? Meet Jake and the Power of Letting Go to Move Forward

I’m just back from a great vacation in Croatia, Petra, and Israel. Seeing so many beautiful and historic places, I vacated my mind, let go of worries about whether my upcoming Leadership Power Tools webinar series will fill up, whether Take The Lead will raise the

Friends Eileen and Bill, Alex and me, Jerusalem in background

Friends Eileen and Bill, Alex and me, Jerusalem in background

money to reach its goals, and when in heck I’d get time to deal with those hundreds of e-mails and dozens of pending deadlines I left behind.

As someone who tends to work 24/7, trust me, this was not easy.

I  returned with a smile on my face, feeling a little like that Bobby McFerrin “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” song. But within 24 hours, I was back to my usual multitasking, worrying self.

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Oh the power of worry.

Still jet laggy, I was awake and on my iPad at 4am when my friend Gail Blanke’s “Monday Morning Musings” hit my inbox. Gail advises, as the title of her last book says, that the solution to what’s holding us back is to “Throw Out Fifty Things.”

Today, she told this story about her friend Jake, and it moved me. Made me take stock of what I needed to let go of permanently.

 “I know what I’m letting go of,” he said. “Great,” I said, “what is it?” “I’m going to let go of my old conviction that no matter how hard I try or how hard I work, the future will never be as good as the past.”  “Boy,” I said. “that’s a big one. Can you do it?” “Yes,” he said. “How?” I asked. “I’m going to remind myself every single morning when I wake up that I no longer believe that.” Jake went on to explain to us that he was an entrepreneur and that his business was about to go under; that he’d been very happily married  for a long time and had lost is wife a few years earlier. But then he went on to say that he was resolute in his decision to let go of his old, negative conviction. “I guess it’s my ‘life plaque,’” he said. “I know I’ve got to get rid of it.” Well, not surprisingly, that single “letting go decision” changed his life. We’ve been email pals for the last three years so I can tell you exactly what happened: Jake re-imagined, re-tooled and rebuilt his business. It’s actually thriving now. And because he expected good things to happen in all areas of his life they did. He met and fell in love with an absolutely wonderful woman (who’s now also a partner in his “renewed’ business) and they’ve been together for almost two years. Jake’s happy, really happy…for the first time in a decade. And all because of that one decision to “let go….”

Are you worrying about your job, your life/work management, your next career goal?  Maybe, like Gail says,  your best strategy is to let those thoughts go. Just throw them out so you can think anew. Get rid of the power they have to hold you back or keep you mired in that stuck place.

And if one of your desires is to accelerate your career and rejuvenate your leadership skills, please do join me on July 23 and 30 to learn “9 Practical Leadership Power Tools to Accelerate Your Career.” In this two-part webinar series, I promise you’ll get some fresh thinking. Throw out old ideas holding you back and redefine power and leadership on your terms. Create your Personal Action Plan using a tool you’ll be able to take away and reuse whenever it can help you. And leave with a confident smile on your face.

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And if you think you don’t have time for that vacation, or to spend a couple of hours benefitting yourself by learning new tips and tools, just remember Jake’s story.  As for me, the work didn’t do itself in my absence, but thanks to Gail’s timely advice, the smile is back. 47, 48, 49….


Yes the Adriatic really looks like this.

Yes the Adriatic really looks like this.

A tree grows in Wadi Rum, Jordan

A tree grows in Wadi Rum, Jordan


  1. Leslie on July 8, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    Thanks for the great advice that we all need to be reminded about.
    Thanks, too, for the insightful Gail Blanke.
    Looking forward with great expectations is the like jet fuel for the soul!

  2. Gloria Feldt on July 8, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    Thank you for the kind comment, Leslie. I like the jet fuel for the soul idea! Feels good to be blogging again – I’ve been doing so much for Take The Lead that I have not fed my own soul–writing does that for me.