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Gloria Feldt is a CEO, mother, entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist, motivational keynote speaker, passionate advocate, and the internationally leading authority on women’s relationship with power and leadership.

A recognized authority on how women can embrace power and elevate intention with authenticity, confidence, and joy, her powerful speeches motivate and inspire women’s advancement to parity in business and nonprofit leadership and in personal accomplishment.

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Power to You Podcast Episode #10: Don’t Be So Darn Nice

We know that women are socialized to be attentive and inclusive of those around us. And we also know that being so often means being not seen as leaders, passed up for promotions and being denied credit for our work. In this episode, Gloria offers concrete examples of how being too nice works against us, and provides actionable tips for being “authentic, kind, and respectful in your communications” without descending into Niceness Hell.
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Power to You Podcast Episode #9: How to Pivot with Power

Maybe the current crisis has given you time to reflect, to reconnect to your deepest desires about what you want in your life and who you want to me—are meant to be. But the path forward might not be so clear. Let Gloria guide you through the initial process of pivoting with power to the next iteration of yourself. She also reveals a new Power Tool she’s been developing in her series for intentional leadership and living.
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Power to You Podcast Episode #8: How to Be Called Up to Leadership

Taking a cue from Joe Biden’s public announcement that he will select a woman as a VP candidate if he is his party’s nominee, Gloria takes a closer look at how someone might get herself ready to be selected for a major leadership role in any organization. She invites us to consider: how does one position oneself to be tapped by others who see your talent and want to help you move forward? How does one break through the barrier of otherness, of not being like or looking like the people that we have always seen in that seat?
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Industry Praise

COO of Facebook
Founder of LeanIn.org

Thank you Gloria Feldt for being an inspiration to me and
countless other women. Gloria is a combination of practical and visionary and those two things are so hard to find together.

Sheryl Sandberg

New York Women in Communications
VP of Career Development

[Gloria's] advice was inspiring to the attendees—and to us as well. Quite a few people have pulled us aside to say, "This evening has changed my life!"

Leslie Hunt

Brown University Co-Chair Student Lecture Series

I can say with confidence that all-in-all Gloria Feldt was the best lecturer we’ve had in my four years on the Brown Lecture Board.

Nick Goldberg

Featured Media

Gloria Feldt featured in Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, NBC, and the Washington Post
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    Gloria shares her insight on women impact on global economy and our planet. 

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    Gloria offers her tips on the place of innovation and creation of meaning through organizational leadership, as well as what she is currently doing to give women an equal shot in the world

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    with Farnoosh Torabi

    Going from teen mom and high school drop out to later the president of Planned Parenthood and being named Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year…. Our guest today is in, one word, incredible.

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