Power to You Podcast Episode #11: After a Crisis, Normalize Something Better

Episode Summary:

In this heartfelt episode, Gloria helps us take a breath amid the global crisis and consider the possibilities if we only refocus our energy. “We’re in the season of rebirth. We’re in the season of disruption. The two have much in common. What we think of as normal may never be again, but in this season of rebirth and disruption, we have an opportunity to normalize some new realities, to create a future more intentionally and proactively than we have ever done,” she tells us.

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Gloria’s Questions from this episode

Email your answers to these questions to powertoyou@taketheleadwomen.com.

  1. What is your biggest fear personally about how the pandemic is impacting or will impact your own life?
  2. What is the greatest opportunity that you see for yourself as we come out of this difficult time?
  3. What path do you think the country or the world will take to a new normal, positive or negative?
  4. What is the one change you would most like to normalize?
  5. Is there anything else you want to say?


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