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Podcast Episode 005: Living in the Moment with Gloria Steinem

In this episode of Take the Lead Women, host Gloria Feldt welcomes writer, lecturer, political activist, and feminist organizer, Gloria Steinem to the podcast. Widely considered the face and leader of the Women’s Movement, Gloria Steinem has been working to advance equality, acceptance and positive change within our society for decades.

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Podcast Episode 003: What You Need to Know About Growing Your Wealth with Stacey Tisdale and Sonya Smith-Valentine

In this episode, Gloria and Vice President of Video Programming at SheKnows Media, Reshma Gopaldas, welcome a panel of guests to this edition of Virtual Happy Hour. Gloria and Reshma are joined by financial journalist, author and President and CEO of Mind Money Media, Inc., Stacey Tisdale, and financial expert, attorney and President and CEO of Financially Fierce, LLC., Sonya Smith-Valentine. Stacey and Sonya provide strategies and solutions to improve our financial well-being.

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Podcast Episode 002: Eat Your Fear: 3 Ways Fear Is Your Success Secret

We’re talking about the scary four letter word: FEAR. Yes, it can be ‘bad’ and ‘ugly,’ but fear can also be good for you — even a success secret! In this episode, Gloria admits some of her own fears (one of which had her breaking out in hives), and helps walk you through how you can use fear to help you, instead of allowing it to hold you back.

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