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Podcast Episode 021: How to Right a Wrong: Women Do News on Wikipedia

In this episode, Gloria welcomes to the show reporter and founding editor of Global Nation, Angilee Shah, and journalist and entrepreneur, Emily Gertz. Angilee and Emily discuss the 50 Women Can Change the World in Journalism initiative, as well as the Women Do News campaign. Both are aimed at raising the visibility of women journalists and shining a light on the great work women do. Gloria provides three helpful tips that listeners can take away from this episode as well as ways for women (and men) to get involved in these initiatives.

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Podcast Episode 020: Giving Back With Gratitude: Making a Difference

Episode Summary: In this Thanksgiving Week episode of the Take The Lead podcast,  guest-host Jovanka Ciares, Take The Lead’s Operations Director, welcomes to the show Tamra Ryan, CEO of Women’s Bean Project, and Mae Whiteside, president and CEO of CKE Engineers, to discuss how we can all contribute to causes we feel passionate about and…

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Podcast Episode: 019 How Moms Can Succeed In the Workplace and Beyond with Brigid Schulte and Shadiah Sigala

In this episode, Gloria welcomes to the show Director of the Better Life Lab at New America and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Brigid Schulte, and co-founder and CEO of Kinside, Shadiah Sigala to talk about the topic of how working mothers can succeed in the workplace and at home. Brigid and Shadiah share their experiences as mothers in the workplace.

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Podcast Episode 018: Why Women Should Take Impossible Jobs

Gloria opens the podcast by discussing an article she recently read claiming that the next CEO of Wells Fargo would be a female human shield. The article argues that it would be a step backward for women because this role is ‘unprecedentedly terrible’ and the new CEO would have to navigate difficult situations such as prior scandals, plummeting assets, legal issues, and regulatory and political pressures. However, Gloria argues that women should seize the opportunity to take on impossible jobs just like this one because it’s precisely within the chaos that companies are open to new ideas and a leader can move effectively to implement her own changes.

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Podcast Episode 017: Pride in the Workplace: Why Building LGBTQ Inclusive Culture is Critical

In this episode, Gloria welcomes to the show founder and CEO of Harmony Gold and GLAAD co-founder, Jehan Agrama, and CEO and founder of Translator, Natalie Egan. Both incredibly strong women, Jehan and Natalie are open and proud members of the LGBTQ community. They open up about their experiences facing discrimination in their respective workplaces. Jehan and Natalie speak to the structural changes they would like to see within organizations moving forward to allow for a more open acceptance.

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Podcast Episode 016: Five Powerful Lessons for Change-Makers from Diahann Carroll’s Life

Gloria distinctly remembers when Diahann Carroll broke through a major television barrier by starring in the hit sitcom, Julia. Diahann was a black actress starring in a hit television show during the height of the Civil Rights Movement in 1968, a task that required courage, tenacity, and aplomb. In the midst of cultural unrest, Carroll was the first African-American woman to have the starring role in her own television show.

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Podcast Episode 015: Make Your Voice Heard: Speak Out On Purpose

On this episode of the Take The Lead Women Podcast, special guest co-host Michele Weldon, editorial director of Take The Lead, author of five nonfiction books and emerita faculty in journalism at Northwestern University, and Reshma Gopaldas, vice president of video for SHE Media, have a vital conversation on purpose and voice with Carina Glover, founder and CEO of HerHeadquarters; Amanda Kahlow, founder of 6Sense; and Wendi C. Thomas, founder, MLK50 Justice Through Journalism.

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Podcast Episode: 014 Experiencing Age Discrimination? Feeling Invisible? Try These Solutions

In this episode, Gloria tackles a sensitive topic that impacts women of all ages: age discrimination. In her experience, Gloria has observed that women of a certain age tend to feel invisible in the workplace and struggle to be heard and remain relevant. She argues that age diversity is just as important to an organization’s growth and bottom line as gender, ethnic, and racial diversity.

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Podcast Episode 013: “Manterrupting” and Other Male-Female Communication Quirks

In this episode, Gloria welcomes to the show journalist and author, Jessica Bennett. Jessica is the gender editor of The New York Times, working to expand global coverage of women, gender and society across platforms. Her book, Feminist Fight Club: A Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace, chronicles how to navigate subtle sexism at work and provides real-life career advice for a new generation of professional women. Jessica shares some of her own experiences with workplace sexism and provides tips and strategies to combat ‘manterrupting,’ ‘mansplaining,’ ‘bropropriating,’ and many other issues women are subjected to on a daily basis.

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