Podcast Episode: 019 How Moms Can Succeed In the Workplace and Beyond with Brigid Schulte and Shadiah Sigala

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Gloria welcomes to the show Director of the Better Life Lab at New America and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Brigid Schulte, and co-founder and CEO of Kinside, Shadiah Sigala to talk about the topic of how working mothers can succeed in the workplace and at home. Brigid and Shadiah share their experiences as mothers in the workplace.

They answer audience questions on pregnancy discrimination, the superhero myth, and the double standard that working mothers face. Gloria salutes all working parents, especially single mothers, and argues that we should all put parenthood on our resumes in order to highlight the emotional intelligence and other skills that accompany being a parent. Finally, Brigid and Shadiah share specific strategies and resources for women who want to build a career, earn a fair and competitive wage, and balance a family.

The included interview first aired live on YouTube during Take The Lead’s Virtual Happy Hour. Watch the video here.

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Books Mentioned

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Overwhelmed: Work, Love & Play When No One Has The Time, by Brigid Schulte

No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power, by Gloria Feldt

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Quotes / Tweetables

“My current company, Kinside, is an exact example of me manifesting my values today as a mother and the world that I want to see, which is a world that has universal access to childcare.”

— Shadiah Sigala

“Women over the age of fifty are actually the most loyal and dedicated readers of news and newspapers.”

— Brigid Schulte

“I really learned that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are things that we can do. We can change the way we work. We can change our work organizations and structures. We can have more family supportive policies that so many other countries have that we don’t.”

— Brigid Schulte

“Women were smart enough not to want the kind of power over culture that men thrived in. After all, women had borne the brunt of many negative aspects of that kind of power, like abuse, violence and objectification. Going to work is an economic imperative and having children is also an economic imperative.”

— Shadiah Sigala

“Childcare is the single most stressful component of being a working parent – financially, logistically and emotionally.”

— Shadiah Sigala

“I wanna see breastfeeding anywhere that I can see it, including on a billboard. I want to normalize everything that is the female experience, the mothering experience, and the parenting and caregiving experience at large.”

— Shadiah Sigala

“What we really need to be thinking is that women have changed as much as they can. It is time for workplaces to change. It’s time for policies to change. And, it’s time for men to change.”

— Brigid Schulte

“The emotional intelligence that is acquired through parenting and through motherhood is actually among the most valued skillsets that employers are looking for.”

— Shadiah Sigala

“If you are a single parent, hats off to you. The research shows that single mothers or single parents are the busiest people on the planet. They have so little time, very little time to themselves. So, I think we need to recognize how hard they work.”

— Brigid Schulte

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