Podcast Episode 008, Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging: What’s the Difference and What Difference Do They Make

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Gloria Feldt shares her experiences and thoughts about the importance of diversity, both gender and ethnic, in the workplace. She also discusses solutions and successes used by a variety of businesses and thought leaders, including the use of the word ‘belonging’ over ‘tolerance.’ 

Gloria discusses the connection between racism and sexism, and cites research that has found diversity improves the bottom line. She shares why many companies say they value  diversity, though they execute on it with greater or lesser success, depending on several factors.

As a culture, if we see diversity as a plus, it is a plus. If we see it as a divide, it will divide us, with potentially disastrous consequences. Listen to this episode and connect with Gloria on social media to share your thoughts on this important topic.  

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As the nation reels from mass shootings and fears for future ones, the evidence mounts that misogyny runs deep in the veins of those who perpetrate such acts. And in my experience, racism and sexism are joined at the head. Where you find one, you usually find the other.
— Gloria Feldt

The explicit and implicit bias I experienced shaped much of my behavior. My response was to ‘cover,’ taking on the habits of those around me. As do many women and minorities in the workforce every day, still.
— Gloria Feldt

Far from being a zero-sum game, diversity enriches as it expands knowledge, innovation, and the mental agility to solve complex problems.
— Gloria Feldt

Leaders who don’t lead diverse lives can’t adequately build and lead diverse teams.
— Rosalind Hudnell

I’m betting on the good will of the majority to embrace diversity if for no other reason than we need to realize we are all ‘other’ in some way.
— Gloria Feldt

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