Podcast Episode 006: How to Shuck Imposter Syndrome

Episode Summary:

Even the most successful people have admitted to dealing with ‘imposter syndrome.’ In this episode of Take the Lead Women, host Gloria Feldt explains how you can face the feeling of being a fraud in order to ‘shuck’ it for good. She shares the three most important questions you should be asking yourself to help get a grip on how ‘imposter syndrome’ affects you, and she breaks down the three actionable tips to help overcome it! 

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“How to Shuck Imposter Syndrome” Bonus Worksheet

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“Change your mindset, change your perspective of yourself.”

“Physical action and envisioning yourself succeeding are all practices that can reduce or eliminate imposter syndrome.”

“Replace that negative image with a mental image of yourself doing exactly what imposter syndrome had been holding you back from doing.”

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