Podcast Episode 005: Living in the Moment with Gloria Steinem

In this episode of Take the Lead Women, host Gloria Feldt welcomes writer, lecturer, political activist, and feminist organizer, Gloria Steinem to the podcast. Widely considered the face and leader of the Women’s Movement, Gloria Steinem has been working to advance equality, acceptance and positive change within our society for decades. Gloria speaks to some of the biggest challenges and obstacles facing women and minority groups currently. She expounds on the importance of living in the moment and not letting the future dictate how we live today. Finally, Gloria suggests ways in which young women can become more involved in an increasingly frustrating and hostile political culture. 

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“If you ask almost anyone ‘Who is the most prominent and recognizable leader in the women’s movement?’ I would guess nine out of ten will say, Gloria Steinem.”

“I think we need to remember that the voting booth just happens to be the only place on Earth where the least powerful and the most powerful are equal.”

“Well, I first want to say that I don’t trust ‘shoulds.’ I think that each woman is the expert on her own life and what she’s experiencing and understands what will help her the most or what she needs to do.”

“The reason that women got to be called feminine, inferior-supportive, dominated by men, and so on, was only about controlling reproduction. That’s the whole ballgame right there. If we didn’t have wombs, we’d be fine.”

“On a global basis, I think the biggest change is consciousness. There is an understanding that it is not natural or inevitable that women should be inferior in some way as a group. And that has spread like wildfire.”

“We have to remember we’re at a point of danger both because females are rising – females of all races – and because men of color are rising.”

“You can’t maintain racism without controlling the bodies of all women, whatever our race.”

“Instill what you want in everything we do.”

“The fact of the matter is, the moment is the only time you can live.”

“We have a right to go up to someone who can help us and ask for that help and ask for that support.”

“Travel is also a way of living in the present and just responding to what’s happening in the moment.”

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