Podcast Episode 003: What You Need to Know About Growing Your Wealth with Stacey Tisdale and Sonya Smith-Valentine

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Gloria and Vice President of Video Programming at SheKnows Media, Reshma Gopaldas, welcome a panel of guests to this edition of Virtual Happy Hour. Gloria and Reshma are joined by financial journalist, author and President and CEO of Mind Money Media, Inc., Stacey Tisdale, and financial expert, attorney and President and CEO of Financially Fierce, LLC., Sonya Smith-Valentine. Stacey and Sonya provide strategies and solutions to improve our financial well-being. They talk about the importance of managing our financial stress and planning for the future with the big picture in mind. Finally, Stacey and Sonya discuss practical steps we can take to enhance our wealth and achieve a green future in the process.

Bonus Resources

Financial Facts for Staying Green (PDF)

5 Blog Posts on Women and Wealth to inspire, develop, and propel you in your career (PDF)

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The True Cost of Happiness: The Real Story Behind Managing Your Money, by Stacey Tisdale and Paula Boyer Kennedy

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“You’re already perfect. If you don’t believe it, it’s due to a poverty of your understanding. Get rid of that understanding and you will become rich.”

“My mother used to always tell me instead of DNA I have WHY, which is probably why I became a journalist.”

“Until you’re in it, you don’t realize just how deep you can dig.”

“There is a tie between your money and your career. Not only just in terms of your advancement, but also in your freedom.”

“I believe in not having your money all in just one place.”

“Estate planning is very important and something that we all should do. But, for most of us, we have to realize you have a seven times greater chance of becoming disabled or ill and we have to plan for that.”

“By 2027 a majority of the US workforce is going to be freelance.”

“Money’s greatest gift is what I call the ‘Money Mirror.’ It can reflect back to you where you’re not living in step with your priorities. And use it for that.”

“Money offers a great opportunity to go deeper and a tremendous level of self-awareness, communication that will improve every single aspect of your life.”

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