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Two clear cases of implicit gender bias that have me fuming

Issue 77 — December 9, 2018 My friend Dan Sager is a terrific supporter of Take The Lead and gender equality in general. The dad of two daughters, he proudly updates me on their accomplishments and sends me ideas and connections aimed at furthering Take The Lead’s success. Dan texted this article to me a few days ago, knowing…

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If You Have Only One Prayer: The Gratitude Attitude, 2018 Version

Issue 75 — November 18, 2018 Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, founder of the Women Connect 4 Good Foundation (and in full disclosure, board chair of Take The Lead) sounded exhausted when I called to ask how she and her horses were in the latest California disaster that looked on television like the fires of Hell. “It all depends on the…

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How did you get to be you? 3 Aspects Shared by Women Leaders

Stop. Before you read further, take one minute to answer this for yourself. How did you get to be you? That’s the first question I ask guests on Take The Lead’s Virtual Happy Hours. It’s eternally interesting to hear women’s stories. Each is unique. But a common thread runs through the answers given by the amazing,…

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