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If You Have Only One Prayer: The Gratitude Attitude, 2018 Version

Issue 75 — November 18, 2018 Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, founder of the Women Connect 4 Good Foundation (and in full disclosure, board chair of Take The Lead) sounded exhausted when I called to ask how she and her horses were in the latest California disaster that looked on television like the fires of Hell. “It all depends on the…

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123 Women and The Lessons of History on Veterans Day

Issue 74 — November 11, 2018 Feast your eyes on this Washington Post infographic tracking wins by female candidates for Congress and Governorships in last week’s elections. With a few major races still undecided, there is no doubt that 2018 will go down in history as a pivotal year in US women’s history. I celebrate that. Loudly and enthusiastically.…

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5 Really Bad Strategic Mistakes Nonprofit Leaders Often Make

Issue 72 — October 28, 2018 Last week I was privileged to keynote the annual conference of Arizona State University’s Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation by being interviewed by the Center’s Executive Director Robert Ashcraft. (A shout out here to the Center’s Nicole Anderson who organized the conference masterfully. If I may take a point of…

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What do you do when someone takes credit for your idea?

Issue 71 — October 22, 2018 USC Associate Professor and founder of the Annenberg Inclusion Institute Stacy Smith was spitting nails. “Nothing makes me angrier than when someone takes credit for my work,” she said. Smith and I were on a panel at Universal Music’s first She Leads program in Los Angeles. That morning before the panel, I led…

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The Enemy in Your Head: How Implicit Bias Shaped Kavanaugh’s and Blasey Ford’s Testimony — and…

Issue 68— September 30, 2018 He yelled; she calmly measured her words. He displayed raw anger; she acknowledged being terrified. A furious and often aggressive Brett Kavanaugh pushed back hard on questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee. At times he deflected their questions entirely, never stating unequivocally whether he wanted an FBI investigation of the facts and…

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Sistering: How Mutual Support Gives Female Philanthropists the Courage to Draw a Bigger Circle

Stacey Engle, VP for Marketing at Fierce and I shared our respective programs helping people have those difficult workplace conversations. Issue 66 — September 17, 2018 Women like to do things together. Nowhere is this more evident than in philanthropy where women’s giving circles and organizations large and small are making ripples, waves, and sometimes sea changes with…

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Serena For President

Gloria Feldt - Expert on women's leadership

Issue 65 — September 9, 2018 I’m not a tennis player. Want to know why? I’ll reveal that in a bit. Right now I am obsessed with Serena Williams for so many reasons. First, it was the flap about her catsuit and then her tutu. But now, all things Serena have ratcheted up to the point that if anyone…

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