Podcast Episode 001: Expect to Win with Carla Harris

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Gloria welcomes to the show, business expert, singer, author, and speaker, Carla Harris. Carla is a Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley. However, her true passion lies with helping women achieve their business goals and objectives. Carla talks about her three pearls of wisdom which include, authenticity, risk-taking, and perception. Carla and Gloria also share their thoughts on the importance of building horizontal and vertical relationships while Carla expounds on the meaning of relationship currency.

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When I walked out of the lauded halls of Harvard Undergrad and Harvard Business School, I embraced this whole concept of a meritocracy. Success was merely a function of how smart you were and how hard you worked. Yet, when I started my career, it didn’t quite work out that way.

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Perception is the co-pilot to reality. How people perceive you will directly impact how they deal with you.

I like the fact that finance is so dynamic. You can never really master it all because it’s always changing. Every day is a new day in the market.

Relationship currency is defined as that currency that you earn from the relationships that you invest in – the people that you get to know in your environment.

I’m a big fan that your relationships should be horizontal and they should also be vertical. And, it really is important if you’re fairly senior that you have good relationships with people who are junior. Because, after all, how can you lead if other people won’t follow?

I think that there are far more women that are interested in supporting other women. And I, like you, I have seen that more often than not.

Be the architect of your own agenda.

But I think, frankly Gloria, a lot of companies are really paying a lot of attention to what they can do to attract and retain women.

I just wanted to be that speaker that would connect with someone. And I tell people all the time, the key is to be comfortable in your own skin, be very comfortable with your content, and speak as if you’re talking to one person.

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