Not Under the Bus This Time

December 10 is Human Rights Day.  Appropriately today, there’s a new campaign for women’s human rights that I want to share with you.

On the heels of the Senate’s defeat of anti-abortion measures, Bart Stupak published a defense of his amendment in the New York Times (“What My Amendment Won’t Do.”  His aggressive protest clearly illustrates the crusade against women’s rights won’t stop any time soon.

The Women’s Media Center is proud to announce the launch of its new media campaign, a platform that amplifies the voices of women and organizations devoted to a health care reform that is fair to women.’s first call to action is to stop the Stupak Amendment, the Hatch-Nelson Amendment, and others like them which are the most draconian restrictions on women since the 1977 Hyde Amendment that cut federal funding for abortions by Medicaid. will serve as an aggregator and media resource center in the fight to safeguard women’s reproductive rights in the national health care reform debate.

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“Women must not be thrown ‘Under the Bus’ in health care reform!” says Jehmu Greene, President of the Women’s Media Center. “We won’t let Congress run over women’s health, because our health care is central to the health of America; it is not for sale! We are furious that our reproductive rights and our health have been compromised by politicians in Congress, who in the skirmish for political gains oppose national health reform to the detriment of more than 16 million women.” calls on all women and men who support women’s equality to take the initiative, climb aboard and start driving the bus right down Pennsylvania Avenue to ensure that health care is fair, safe, and accessible to all.

To speak with WMC President Jehmu Greene, or to book other experts on health reform, health care politics, or women’s reproductive rights, please contact Rebekah Spicuglia, (212) 563-0680,

About the Women’s Media Center: The Women’s Media Center is a non-profit organization making women visible and powerful in the media. The WMC ensures that women are represented as they are: powerful newsmakers, informed experts, and sought-after media professionals. Please visit to learn more about our work.


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