Somebody once gave me a greeting card that read, “Just when you think you are done, you are really just beginning.” That is certainly my story with Take The Lead which I co-founded with my wonderful partner-in-good Amy Litzenberger. So when the question came up about how I came to be teaching this online certificate course, “9 Practical Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career,” I took a little trip down memory lane to recall why I became an advocate for women’s leadership parity and how I learned what makes a successful movement to achieve that–or anything else you want to make happen.

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It was all over the news for days. Every pundit, every political talk show, every newspaper running big retrospective spreads. Op eds galore, and reminiscences of what it was like to march together toward equality. Today, August 26 is Women’s Equality Day, the day that commemorates passage of the 19th amendment to the US constitution,…

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Many people have asked what I’m going be doing at the famous and fabulous Bioneers conference. Here’s a big part of it described in the post below, and I am so excited! Bioneers co-founder Nina Simons has created a stunning women’s leadership program that grapples with just the issues of women’s relationship with power that I discuss in No Excuses. If you’re going to be attending Bioneers, please find me and say hello. I’m also doing a book signing at 4:30 on Saturday Oct.16 in the bookstore, as well as two panels in addition to this. For more information, check out my events page.

Sat 10/16 @2:45 pm
Panel: Moonrise – Women Leading from the Heart

Sun 10/17 @10:45 am
Plenary Keynote: Riding the Leadership Wave

Sun. 10/17 @ 4:30 pm
Panel: Women, Gender, Media

Bioneers Conference programming is central to the women’s leadership program, as it not only creates opportunities for thousands to experience the stories of diverse innovative women leaders, but captures their presentations by video and audio recording for future radio, media and educational use. This year’s conference program is especially strong, spanning U.S. and global efforts, and bridging the environmental and social worlds with power, edginess and grace.

Plenary presentations – which will reach many thousands in satellite sites across the nation and on web casts around the world – will feature accomplished global sustainability youth leader Jess Rimington and international media arts innovator for women’s human rights Mallika Dutt, whose use of celebrity in media is saving lives and transforming culture in India and the US. National Geographic fellow and native Hawai’ian Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey, who was raised by elders to be a steward of ancestral wisdom, will reveal the key role of indigenous science in planetary restoration. A legendary community organizer and leader at integrating faith-based organizing, Mary Gonzales will speak to the environment’s relationship to equity and the economy. Sunday will feature the activist/author of The Soul of Money and cofounder of The Pachamama Alliance, Lynne Twist, who works to save the rainforest and cultures that coexist with it, to reconnect money with what we hold sacred, and to awaken corporations and people to the urgency of global warming. Gloria Feldt, celebrated author and former president of Planned Parenthood of America will speak to the value of (especially women, but all of us) Embracing Controversy to cultivate leadership capacity. Jane Goodall, whose world-renowned primatology work in Tanzania’s Gombe National Park has already inspired generations of women globally, will offer her vision of empowering people to make a difference for all living things.

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