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February Might Be the Shortest Month but It’s a Super Important One

Issue 84 — February 11, 2019 Oh February. The stores are full of red Valentine hearts. We’re reminded that February is Heart Month. This year I missed the inspiring Go Red for Women events highlighting the importance of women taking care of their heart health. I usually attend these either as a speaker or financial supporter, and I have…

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Two clear cases of implicit gender bias that have me fuming

Issue 77 — December 9, 2018 My friend Dan Sager is a terrific supporter of Take The Lead and gender equality in general. The dad of two daughters, he proudly updates me on their accomplishments and sends me ideas and connections aimed at furthering Take The Lead’s success. Dan texted this article to me a few days ago, knowing…

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No, No, Nancy — Women Must Change the Power Paradigm or Never Progress

No, No, Nancy — Women Must Change the Power Paradigm or Never Progress Issue 76 — November 26, 2018 Dressed in angry orange from pantsuit to stilettos, Congresswoman and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) regally graces the cover of the November 25, 2018 issue of the New York Times Magazine. The caption is her quote from within the article, “No…

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If You Have Only One Prayer: The Gratitude Attitude, 2018 Version

Issue 75 — November 18, 2018 Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, founder of the Women Connect 4 Good Foundation (and in full disclosure, board chair of Take The Lead) sounded exhausted when I called to ask how she and her horses were in the latest California disaster that looked on television like the fires of Hell. “It all depends on the…

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5 Really Bad Strategic Mistakes Nonprofit Leaders Often Make

Issue 72 — October 28, 2018 Last week I was privileged to keynote the annual conference of Arizona State University’s Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation by being interviewed by the Center’s Executive Director Robert Ashcraft. (A shout out here to the Center’s Nicole Anderson who organized the conference masterfully. If I may take a point of…

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What do you do when someone takes credit for your idea?

Issue 71 — October 22, 2018 USC Associate Professor and founder of the Annenberg Inclusion Institute Stacy Smith was spitting nails. “Nothing makes me angrier than when someone takes credit for my work,” she said. Smith and I were on a panel at Universal Music’s first She Leads program in Los Angeles. That morning before the panel, I led…

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