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What Do You Do With One Wheel?

Issue 59 — July 30,2018 On an Amazon Prime day whim, I bought a box of LEGOs on sale and created an exercise using them for the “Your Power Journey” workshop I led last weekend at the Omega Institute. Participants in the “Your Power Journey” workshop showing their power TO in the beautiful setting of the Omega…

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Art and the Zen of Leadership

Take The Lead Board chair Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, me, and board member Loretta McCarthy are ready to take on the challenges and bring women fully in to leadership parity! Issue 58 — July 22, 2018 Recent articles reporting David Solomon as Goldman Sachs’s next CEO invariably toss off that his hobby is being an electronic dance music DJ.…

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From 0 to 50 in 177

Issue 57 — July 15, 2018 No, that’s not how many seconds it takes for a (very slow) car to accelerate to 50 miles per hour. It’s how many years from the first U. S. women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls NY in 1848, to 2025 when I want to see not only full legal rights but also gender…

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Is it possible to go forward and backward at the same time?

Issue 56 — July 7, 2018 Excuse my beach brain today. A week of vacation on Cape Cod, walking on the beach every afternoon has put my mind into Margaritaville without the hangover. The sun, sand, and ocean waves spark ideas. Sometimes diametrically opposing ideas. A day at the beach For example, I’ve been thinking about how women seem to…

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The Fabric Of Our Lives

I grew up in rags. No, I don’t mean I lacked proper clothes. As I’ve confessed in this column before, I’ve always been something of a fashion diva. Now you’ll know why. I’m referring to the clothing business, where “rag” or the Yiddish word for it, “shmata,” is often used as a humorous slang description. My father…

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The Whole World Is Getting a Spring Cleaning.

I was never much of a housekeeper. “Shmutz,” my husband lovingly calls me while he cleans up the place. I long ago decided I’d rather spend my precious time changing the world than vacuuming it. But even I have to admit spring cleaning brings a special lightness to the spirit. This spring, in particular, feels…

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How to know the future

Issue 49 — May 11, 2018 I attended “The Future of Everything” conference this week. Hosted by The Wall Street Journal, it featured an array of speakers as sparkling as Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoes, in short panels that provided just enough fodder to get your brain synapses firing like popcorn. Futuristic speculations are as addictive as popcorn to me,…

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Networking When You Hate It

It’s gala season. I was getting ready to go to the Ms. Foundation’s 30th annual Gloria Awards dinner yesterday and fretting about — almost everything. What to wear. No, I can’t wear that red silk jacket that I wore the last two years again. I know everyone will be there in sparkly evening clothes and I don’t even have…

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