Issue 95 — May 27, 2019 Twice on the same day last week, the heads of groups that work to advance women financially, socially, and in business bemoaned to me the lack of collaboration among women’s groups. Paradoxically, but not surprisingly, the individuals with whom I met in both instances were asking Take The Lead to participate in…

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“What do you want to be?” we ask our daughters and sons when they are growing up.

Barack Obama poses this question to elementary school children in this delightful video called “I Want to Be” that looks at political leadership of women through American history. Take a look and ask yourself the same question: what do you want to be next?

This video is just in time for International Women’s Day– March 8–and Women’s History Month, celebrated throughout March. “Celebrated” is the right word for where women are today, too: on the cusp of a great leaping point toward true equality and even in some instances, parity.

Watch and see where U.S. women are in national political leadership as compared to other countries. You’ll find interesting vignettes of women shattering barriers, others who didn’t succeed but paved the way for the next woman who tried, and some facts that might surprise you.

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