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What do you do when someone takes credit for your idea?

Issue 71 — October 22, 2018 USC Associate Professor and founder of the Annenberg Inclusion Institute Stacy Smith was spitting nails. “Nothing makes me angrier than when someone takes credit for my work,” she said. Smith and I were on a panel at Universal Music’s first She Leads program in Los Angeles. That morning before the panel, I led…

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Three Steps to Help Company Culture Change for the Better in the #MeToo Era

Issue 70 — October 14, 2018 I tuned in to the re-upped ”Murphy Brown” episode parodying sexual harassment training for the newsroom staff. The very idea of getting “trained in sexual harassment” is evidence of language fail and fodder for a humorous show tackling a serious topic. The trainer was priggish; the participants ranged from uninterested to downright hostile.…

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Sistering: How Mutual Support Gives Female Philanthropists the Courage to Draw a Bigger Circle

Stacey Engle, VP for Marketing at Fierce and I shared our respective programs helping people have those difficult workplace conversations. Issue 66 — September 17, 2018 Women like to do things together. Nowhere is this more evident than in philanthropy where women’s giving circles and organizations large and small are making ripples, waves, and sometimes sea changes with…

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Let’s Disrupt Women’s Equality Day

Issue 63 — August 26, 2018 Hold onto Bella’s hat, mind Alice’s admonition, and follow Sojourner’s truth. It’s Women’s Equality Day again. Again. August 26. First so designated by the 1971 legislative initiative of the inimitable NY Congresswoman Bella Abzug to commemorate the date on which the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote officially became the law…

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What Color Were Dorothy’s Shoes?

The book that taught me I could be a leader On this day, August 12, in 1939, the film version of L. Frank Baum’s classic book The Wizard of Oz premiered in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin of all places. The unlikely location for a premier was chosen in part because the studio was concerned it would be a flop.…

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Passion to Action: 5 Ways to Know if You’re an Entrepreneur

Issue 60 — August 6, 2018 Do you dream of starting your own business? You’re not alone, whether you are a woman contemplating leaving salaried employment you don’t love for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship, you want your own business so you can control your schedule to take care of family obligations, or you simply embrace the challenge of…

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What Do You Do With One Wheel?

Issue 59 — July 30,2018 On an Amazon Prime day whim, I bought a box of LEGOs on sale and created an exercise using them for the “Your Power Journey” workshop I led last weekend at the Omega Institute. Participants in the “Your Power Journey” workshop showing their power TO in the beautiful setting of the Omega…

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Art and the Zen of Leadership

Take The Lead Board chair Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, me, and board member Loretta McCarthy are ready to take on the challenges and bring women fully in to leadership parity! Issue 58 — July 22, 2018 Recent articles reporting David Solomon as Goldman Sachs’s next CEO invariably toss off that his hobby is being an electronic dance music DJ.…

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