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5 Really Bad Strategic Mistakes Nonprofit Leaders Often Make

Issue 72 — October 28, 2018 Last week I was privileged to keynote the annual conference of Arizona State University’s Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation by being interviewed by the Center’s Executive Director Robert Ashcraft. (A shout out here to the Center’s Nicole Anderson who organized the conference masterfully. If I may take a point of…

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Passion to Action: 5 Ways to Know if You’re an Entrepreneur

Issue 60 — August 6, 2018 Do you dream of starting your own business? You’re not alone, whether you are a woman contemplating leaving salaried employment you don’t love for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship, you want your own business so you can control your schedule to take care of family obligations, or you simply embrace the challenge of…

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What Do You Do With One Wheel?

Issue 59 — July 30,2018 On an Amazon Prime day whim, I bought a box of LEGOs on sale and created an exercise using them for the “Your Power Journey” workshop I led last weekend at the Omega Institute. Participants in the “Your Power Journey” workshop showing their power TO in the beautiful setting of the Omega…

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The Fabric Of Our Lives

I grew up in rags. No, I don’t mean I lacked proper clothes. As I’ve confessed in this column before, I’ve always been something of a fashion diva. Now you’ll know why. I’m referring to the clothing business, where “rag” or the Yiddish word for it, “shmata,” is often used as a humorous slang description. My father…

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Meghan’s Veil

Meghan Markle might never become Queen of England, but she rules the world through the power of the symbols she chose for her wedding. Literally, every minute act and every tangible article in any royal wedding is imbued with symbolic meaning whether intended or not. But there is no question that this bride and groom thought…

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How to know the future

Issue 49 — May 11, 2018 I attended “The Future of Everything” conference this week. Hosted by The Wall Street Journal, it featured an array of speakers as sparkling as Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoes, in short panels that provided just enough fodder to get your brain synapses firing like popcorn. Futuristic speculations are as addictive as popcorn to me,…

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