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Why Women Should Go for “Impossible” Jobs

Greetings from Arizona where I’m up reading (time zone change) with no one else awake to talk to about this horrible article The Next CEO Of Wells Fargo Will Be A Female…Human Shield, subtitled “Giving the worst job in American banking to a woman is the wrong way to make history.”

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My Week of Intention and How You Can Elevate Yours

Issue 108 — September 23, 2019 It wasn’t my intention to meet a princess and have her introduce me for my speech at the WICT (Women in Cable Telecommunications) Leadership Conference. But it happened because I set my intention to appear on large stages this year. HRH Princess Beatrice of York and I were privileged to be among…

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Serena, Bianca, Friends at 25 and 3 Powerful Leadership Lessons From the Woman Who Played Chandler’s Father

Issue 107 — September 8, 2019 Some great tennis was played at the U. S. Open last week. While many people were focused on the generational change among the top players — as Serena Williams was defeated as she tried for a historic 24th win by 19-year-old Bianca Andreescu — I was more fascinated by #SisterCourage behavior among the female players.  It…

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How to Celebrate Labor Day: Sit in the High Seats

Issue 106 — September 2, 2019 Are you one of the 46 percent of Americans who’ll barbecue over Labor Day weekend? Will it be ribs, hot dogs, burgers, or veggies? Or will you be one of the 25 percent who’ll be shopping? Google “Labor Day” and the majority of top hits involve Labor Day sales. These and other…

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I Just Have To Ask You This Question.

Issue 99 — June 24, 2019 I’m wild with excitement — and fear. Yes, pure fear. You see, we, Take The Lead that is, are going to launch a podcast, as we mark our fifth anniversary. It’s called “Take The Lead Women” because after all, that’s what we’re all about. It’s not just any podcast, but one that will incorporate the best…

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Power Is Just Different for Women for All Kinds of Good Reasons.

Issue 98 — June 17, 2019 A tweet I was mentioned last week caught my eye because it got retweeted multiple times. It highlighted the “Working Women’s Handbook.” “The workplace still isn’t equal,” starts the article’s accurate tagline. The next part, “Learn to dodge the landmines, fight bias and not burn out in the process,” raised a warning flag.…

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