National Women’s Political Caucus Convention

“I cannot say “THANK YOU enough for the absolutely marvelous job you did at our Good Guys Gala! You made our night!!”

~Lulu Flores, President, National Women’s Political Caucus.

NWPC's Emcee Gloria Feldt

It was an honor to emcee the National Women’s Political Caucus’s 40th Anniversary Good Guys Gala. The Caucus was the first national women’s organization to start working to get women into political positions at all levels back in 1971.

Washington, DC
Saturday, 7/30
National Women’s Political Caucus Convention and 40th Anniversary Celebration Good Guy Gala Awards
Liaison Capital Hill Hotel
NWPC's Lulu Flores

Lulu Flores, NWPC president, was surprised by her husband Scott Hendler's presentation of four dozen roses, one dozen for each year of her presidency.

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NWPC's Lulu Flores & Gloria Feldt

Lulu generously shared her roses with me--Texan to Texan.

Frances "Sissy" Farenthold

The champagne toast to NWPC's 40 years. A highlight of the evening for me--meeting Frances "Sissy" Farenthold (foreground in blue) and being able to tell her that the first political contribution I ever made was to her gubernatorial race in Texas back in 1972. She promptly came up to the podium, shook my hand, and thanked me for the contribution!

Me with NC delegation at NWPC convention

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