The Sum – Meaning of the Week: Positive

“The first responsibility of leadership is the creation of meaning.” —Warren Bennis.

Word of the week is POSITIVE.

As in posit your own terms.

As in position yourself.

As in having an optimistic outlook for the sake of your health, happiness, and success.

Yesterday I arrived at my Arizona home to find my car had a dead battery. I didn’t have time to deal with it because I needed to get across town to see my sister (thanks to all of you who sent good wishes after I mentioned her kidney transplant last week—she’s not out of the woods but doing much better).

So I hopped into a Lyft and pulled out my cell phone to catch up on what had happened while I was traveling. I knew my whole team was hard at work putting Take The Lead Day together and that my usual overload of messages would be on steroids. It was.

My driver, however, began ruminating out loud about how he used to be very interested in politics and now is feeling disengaged. “I don’t know why,” he said, ”but I think there is so much negativity out there right now that I just can’t deal with it.”

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