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3 Things I learned this week (and one sneak preview)

Did you know that only 2% of women’s businesses crack the $1,000,000 revenue mark? I learned that this week when I had the pleasure of speaking at Kristi Hall’s 2% club mastermind group. While it’s not easy for any entrepreneur to build a business, according to a study by EY, businesses owned by men are 3.5…

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The Problematic of Work Life Balance Part 3: To Be or not to Be Gender Differences

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This is the third and last (for now at least) of Debjani Chakravarty’s series exploring work life balance through the lens of economic and political culture. in this post, she asks the question of whether work life balance can or should be gender neutral. Debjani is a graduate student and artist, currently pursuing a PhD in the Women and Gender Studies Program at Arizona State University. She has worked as a journalist and social worker in India.

Rebecca is a grad student, and she works part time at Starbucks. She is getting a degree in social work, hopeful of pursuing a career she’s passionate about. She also works as an editor and ghost writer on the side. When I ask Rebecca about work life balance, she says, “Strange I never think about it. My parents never went to college and they never left their little Ohio town where I grew up. For them, my life’s a dream come true, and they are hopeful that someday I’ll be able to do all those things that they only planned about, travel, work a respectable job, buy a big house. Work life balance, let’s see. For me it’s about taking the occasional Adderall, so that I can keep working. My life’s on hold right now, work is all that matters.”

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The Daddy Shift: Men of Tomorrow

Everything is politics.

Certainly within the family the issue of who takes care of the kids is highly charged and highly staked for all concerned. It seems to me that the next wave of feminism must be for men and women together to take on changing the workplace so both can have a life while earning a living and making sure their children are in fact well cared for.

That’s why this Washington Post article, “Get Ready to Step up, Dad” caught my eye. Here’s an excerpt”

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