Women, Power & Politics at 92nd Street Y

On January 23, 2011, I moderated a panel discussion about “Women, Power and Politics” at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. The panelists included Katha Pollitt, Nita Lowey and Rebecca Traister.

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For more audience reactions to the event, check out these stories from Huffington Post, Jezebel, and Feministing.

How Can Women Reach Political Parity in a Chaotic Time?

You know I believe chaos is opportunity. But are women carpe-ing the chaos? With all those groups helping women run for office, why aren’t we moving the dial toward political parity faster? At the rate we’re going, it’ll take us 70 years to get there. And even if we do, will it be a plus or a cruel joke if, say, Michelle Bachmann becomes the first woman president? Isn’t it time for progressive women to come out of the closet and acknowledge that a woman’s agenda is more important than her gender?

I’m excited to have a chance to ask questions like these about women, power, media, and politics of three of the most politically savvy women I know at the 92Y in New York this coming Sunday night 1/23, at 7:30 pm. You are most cordially invited.

Panelists are Rebecca Traister, columnist at Salon.com and author of Big Girls Don’t Cry: The Election that Changed Everything for American Women; Katha Pollitt, a columnist at The Nation and author, most recently, of The Mind-Body Problem, a collection of poems. Congresswoman Nita Lowey represents New York’s 18th District and has been a long time leader for women in the legislative arena.

Come join us for a lively and timely conversation, followed by Q and A and a booksigning by the three authors!

More info and tickets: Women, Power, Media, and Politics
Date: Jan 23, 2011
Time:  7:30pm
Location: 92|Y Lexington Avenue at 92nd Street , New York, NY
Venue: Buttenwieser Hall

Price: $29.00 but here ‘s a secret for you if you are reading this post: Click this link and use the code WP10 to purchase your ticket for $10. Students with valid student ID’s may obtain free tickets by e-mailing jhausler@optonline.net.

Update: Do Women’s Gains Make Women’s History Month Ho Hum?

Hello! If you thought maybe the answer to this question I posed a couple of days ago is “yes”, take a gander at how the NY observer wrote up the WomenGirlsLadies’ upcoming event March 18 @ the 92Y Tribeca! Elizabeth Hines is the fourth member of our panel. Come join us. Bring your thoughts about feminism’s unfinished business–and your man-bat, just in case someone from the Observer shows up 🙂