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GloriaSpeaksDo you need a custom keynote speech on women, power, or leadership that will bring people to their feet and give them usable takeaways?

Do you want to set up a panel or an experiential leadership workshop that teaches practical tools and motivates your employees or professional group?

Are you setting up a fundraiser to cultivate donors and garner media?

I tailor each presentation to your objectives, with heart, humor, experience — and authority. I was named by CareerBliss as one of the Top 10 Leadership Experts to follow on Twitter.

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“Gloria was the perfect keynote speaker for our conference. She delivers a powerful message that every woman should hear. Her dynamic and entertaining presentation connected directly with the concerns and interests of our members, and we appreciated that she took special care to understand the goals of the conference and the needs of her audience. Thank you Gloria for inspiring us!” (Sharon Almaguer, President, Texas Women Lawyers)

Comments from participants in Women @ Intel annual conference

  • “Gloria was a great speaker who has clearly been on the front lines of the women’s movement for a long time. I liked how clearly she articulated that advancing opportunities for women is good for EVERYBODY, and how she discussed ways that we can create those opportunities ourselves.”
  • “Gloria Feldt was inspiring. I left feeling like I really do ‘ have the power to’ — she was the most effective presentation of the day. Thanks!”
  • “I really enjoyed her statistics and really felt like we had to take action and make a change after her speech.” 

“It is imperative that we change the ratio and advance women, to enable more women in leadership. While societal attitudes need to change, you can also take practical steps yourself. I can think of no better way to develop your confidence and capability by enrolling in this course from one of the true leadership legends in Women’s Leadership and Personal Power, Gloria Feldt.” (Grant Wattie, Founder, Global Women’s Leadership Summit)

“9 Practical Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career is a must-attend course for all women. Whether you are at the top of the corporate ladder or just beginning your climb, you will greatly benefit from the resources, knowledge and insight provided in this course.” (Dara Albright, Chief Strategy Officer at Crowdnetic)


Elite Women's Keynote

“I highly recommend this course. You’ll learn so much from Gloria that you can use right away.” (Amy Hillman, Dean, W.P. Carey School of Business, ASU)


“It really was a fabulous panel [at S.H.E. Summit] — what wonderful panelists, and you moderated beautifully. I so enjoyed it. Plus, it was inspiring and had much substance  — really stood out!” (Ashley Milne-Tyte, The Broad Experience and NPR)


“Thank you for tailoring your speech for this event. Speakers often give speeches prepared for other purposes and it shows. You did us the honor of researching our organization, and wove what you learned about our mission into your remarks effectively.” (Linda Addison, Partner-in-Charge, NY Fulbright & Jaworski, L.L.P.)


“This was not a speech, it was a conversation, a story-telling, a wake-up call and an inspiration.” (Joan Gerberding, Founding member, Most Influential Women in Radio)



“Empower your invaluable women knowledge workers by Hiring No Excusesauthor Gloria Feldt to speak to your executives, Board members, and high-performing women to crack the diversity and inclusivity nut American business has so far found to be as elusive as the creation of cold fusion.” (Victoria Pynchon, principal, She Negotiates, Forbeswoman blogger, attorney-mediator-arbitrator)

“An amazing, inspiring speaker who really knows what women need today.” (Marcia Reynolds, Executive Coach and author of Wander Woman)

“A really terrific Webinar. Many members said this was their “favorite” Webinar Wednesday so far— kudos to you!” (Becki Fleischer, eLearning & Curriculum Development Consultant, The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc.)


 “Thank you for helping us have such a successful launch for our new women’s philanthropic initiative. You struck so many important chords with your speech. You were funny, engaging, smart and crisp… your presentation and style were perfect.”

(Paula Gianino, president, Planned Parenthood St. Louis Region)

“How moved I was!” (Eve Ensler)

“The best lecturer we’ve had in my four years on the lecture board.” (Nick Goldberg, Co-President Brown University Student Lecture Board)

“If you’re looking for someone to talk about women, power, and leadership, you can’t do better than Gloria.” (Brenda Bethman, Ph.D., Director UMKC Women’s Center, Acting Director Women’s and Gender Studies)

gloria feldt speaking at carol hyatt leadership forum

“Gloria understands what it takes to mobilize a giant organization toward dramatic new goals. And she is the kind of energized, witty, charismatic leader around whom one cannot help but become wiser, newly motivated, and better equipped to plan for the future.” (Richard Farson, President, Western Behavioral Sciences Institute and Executive Director, International Leadership Forum)

“The feedback [from the Leaders’ Retreat] is phenomenal. Not only was everyone inspired by your presentation, they have all commented on the personal connection you brought to each and every one of them. They were beyond thrilled.” (Rebecca Walters, National Council of Jewish Women)

Gloria’s 9 Power Tools are unique and her workshop made us realize it’s not that women don’t have power but rather we don’t embrace it! Her group exercises helped us see how we can change that behavior.” (Mary Lou Floyd Co-Founder, SecondLivesClub.com , a former Brand Advertising Executive)