Do Ron Paul’s newsletter explanations hold up?

And the Republican primary gong show goes on…

gongArena Asks: As Rep. Ron Paul rises in the Iowa polls he’s facing more scrutiny for newsletters once published under his name. Parts of the 1990s-era publications are suffused with paranoia, racial bigotry and support for the period’s violent militia movements. Paul denies authorship of the offending passages, though in his 1996 congressional run he admitted to writing some of them. Assuming others did write the material, the newsletters still went out under Ron Paul’s name. What does this say about the company he keeps? And if Paul didn’t have full control over content, does it raise doubts about his managerial/executive abilities?

My Answer:If Paul disavows the bigoted words, ripping off his inquisitor’s microphone isn’t going to help him prove it. In fact, anger over being asked for accountability will serve Paul about as well as Herman Cain’s (remember him?) angry responses to women who accused him of sexual abuse. And since racism and sexism are joined at the head, that’s a better analogy than it might appear on first blush.

Historically, underneath American democratic values of liberty and justice and a fair shake for all, a dark underbelly of greed and selfishness justified by xenophobia has always existed. Only Ron Paul can tell us which side of that equation he’s on. The written evidence is damning. If Paul wants voters to believe his disavowals, he should welcome the microphone. He’ll have talk a lot more about what he does believe, and he must be fully, openly, visibly accountable both for what he has done and whose company he has kept over the years.

My prediction? The next gong in the Republican primary will ring for Ron Paul.


9 Ways You Can Find No Excuses in Your Neighborhood

Remember studying Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in high school? Did you go around warning your friends to “Beware the Ides of March!” like I did?

Fortunately, I have lots of good news this March 15. There are at least 9 Ways I might get to see you at a book reading or other event soon. I extend a warm invitation to you to attend events in your area. And will you help me out by sharing this information with your contacts and on social media? Thank you!

This Week in the Midwest:
I just love Women and Children First bookstore in Chicago. One of the great independent, feminist bookstores. Join me there this Wednesday, March 16, at 7:30pm, at 5233 N. Clark Street. Click here or call 773-769-9299 for more info.

Cleveland is next up: Friday, March 18. I’m excited to keynote and conduct a 9 Ways Power Tools workshop for Rita Singh’s Elite Women Around the World conference, “Scaling Up…Can I Dream Big?” The answer is “Yes!” 8:30am – 2pm at the Crown Plaza Cleveland South. Register here.

Tomorrow the World: NY and DC
New Yorkers think they’re the center of the world, right? Monday, March 21, I get to join the New York Chapter of the American Association for Public Opinion Research to talk about “Politics and Pollsters” on a panel with leading pollster Nancy Belden. 6pm at the New York Times Building. For more info, click here.

My first webinar really is global! It’s March 29 for Executive Networks. More information coming soon. Be sure to check back on my website’s Upcoming Events Page to get the details.

Washington, D.C. has to fit in the global category, too. It’s an honor to keynote the Population Connection’s Capitol Hill Days on Saturday, April 2, 1:15pm. More info available here.

Back to New York on April 9th to appear on the “Social Media and Thought Leadership” panel for the amazing Women Moving Millions, philanthropists changing the world for good, in Brooklyn.

On Sunday, April 10, NYU hosts a conference at The Goren-Goldstein Center for American Jewish History on “Women’s Liberation & Jewish Identity: Uncovering a Legacy of Innovation, Activism, and Social Change.” I can’t believe I’ll be on a panel “Going National: Health and Sexuality,” with people I’ve so admired from afar: Debra Schultz, Paula Doress, Susan Brownmiller, and Ros Baxandall.

Gone to Texas:
I’ll send an autographed copy of No Excuses to the first person who e-mails me with where that phrase originated. Or, if you already have the book, I’ll send you a $10 itunes gift card with “All My Exes Live in Texas” loaded into it.

If you live in Austin, come meet up with me at another great independent, feminist bookstore, BookWoman on Thursday, March 22, 7pm, located at 5501 North Lamar #A-105. Click here or call 512-472-2785 for more info.

It’ll be so much fun to return to the iconic indie Brazos Bookstore in Houston. Come join me there on the evening of April 26. Details to come, but please mark your calendar now, Houston area friends.

Back to Austin on April 29 to deliver a keynote for the 2011 Women’s Power Summit on Law and Leadership at the Four Seasons Hotel. It’s at 8:30am, so I’m going to have to stoke my energy with lots of strong coffee and breakfast tacos beforehand.

Oops, this is 10 Ways. But who’s counting? May and June are going to be busy months, too. Keep your eyes out for more information coming your way. Or check out Upcoming Events on my website at any time for the latest on where No Excuses and I will be.

31 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month on the 9 Ways Blog

Meanwhile, I invite you to celebrate Women’s History Month every day through the end of March by reading the 9 Ways Blog and sharing your comments too. You’ll find a wide array of topics-including some powerful guest posts:
Octavia Butler: A Pioneer In Science Fiction (by Anna North)
Be a Front Porch Lady (by Kathy Korman Frey)
Breaking Barriers: Georgia Davis Powers (by Kathy Groob)

Still to come, guest posts from Jenn Pozner, Bonnie Marcus, my own commentary on the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Fire, and much more. Every Friday, we do a topical roundup and on Saturday, we ask an open thread question.

The first power tool in No Excuses is “Know your history and you can create the future of your choice.” Who are the women in history-current or past–who inspire you?

Heart and Hands to Earthquake/Tsunami Victims

The Japanese earthquake and tsunami are devastating beyond comprehension. My heart and hands go out to those whose lives and property have been swept away.

No Excuses News: 9 Ways to Help

Thank you, friends and supporters of women’s fair share in power and leadership!  No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power hasn’t even officially launched yet, but your enthusiasm for its message has already put it onto Amazon’s top 100 books on leadership and women’s issues lists.

Video imageThe book has also been named to its first top 10 list by NYC Resident.

And, remember my website angst? My new site is up and running, and I’m thrilled with it. Please take a peek and let me know what you think.

While you’re there, view my book trailer that shows why we need to spread the 9 Ways far and wide.

And you can download the free 9 Ways Power Tools summary and use them to add “power to” in your own life.

No Excuses is moving right along

Greyhound was my only public transportation choice from Burlington VT to Boston MA for my next stop–a Jewish Women’s Archive board meeting–after speaking at the Burlington Book Festival.
Gloria w. Greyhound

On my travels, I’ve had a chance to tell groups how the 9 Ways Power Tools can help women continue moving forward, past all barriers, to lead unlimited lives–so that both men and women can thrive. And I need your help to get the message out farther and wider.

So here are, guess what: 9 Ways You Can Help

  • Write a blog post about No Excuses and share it on social media.
  • Discuss the 9 Ways to “embrace power” with friends, family, and in your book club.
  • Give No Excuses to your daughters, sisters, friends . . . and don’t forget yourself.
  • Send this flyer to 10 people who care about women’s leadership and parity.
  • Attend my book signings and invite your friends–I treasure seeing friendly faces.
  • Tweet these: “Learn the 9 Ways to your ‘power to’ Gloria Feldt’s #No Excuses. Pls RT”

  • @JaneFonda says No Excuses has the power to change your life #NoExcuses pls RT” Tweet these daily.

Thank you for sharing the power!

Please join the fun and help to celebrate the launch of No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power. It’s available for pre-order now and will be in bookstores near you by October 5.

Sending unlimited love and no excuses,

June 2006 Newsletter

“The simplest explanation of any phenomenon is nine times out of ten truer than a really fancy one.”–Occam’s Razor, or The Law of Parsimony

So this month, I’ll keep it as simple as Occam’s Razor because I’m really busy, but I want to tell you about some highlights.

My New Book (or how I’m going to spend my summer vacation)
I am very excited to tell you that Kathleen Turner and I are writing a book about her life lessons, to be published in September, 2007, by Springboard (Time Warner Book Group’s imprint that targets baby boomers). The book is tentatively named Take the Lead, Lady! We love the title because it came from a moment when we were shuttling around town from publisher’s office to publisher’s office to pitch the book. At one point, Kathleen, my agent Karen Gantz Zahler, and I tumbled out of an elevator, clueless about which way to turn to find the office where out next appointment was to be. Kathleen boomed, in her most imperiously Kathleen voice, “Take the lead, Lady!”. It’s going to be a very fun, smart, interesting book with lots of dish. I can’t wait to be able to tell you more. And if you want to find me this summer, I’ll be glued to my computer. Continue reading “June 2006 Newsletter”

April 2006 Newsletter

“I was ahead in the slalom. But in the second run, everyone fell on a dangerous spot. I was beaten by a woman who got up faster than I did. I learned that people fall down, winners get up and Gold Medal winners just get up faster.” ~Bonnie St. John

(*see story below)


Thank all of you who have sent me dangly earring stories. Please keep sending them to In case you missed the metaphor, I revealed in a previous newsletter that one of my declarations of independence a year ago was to get my ears pierced for the first time in my life so I can wear beautiful dangly earrings. Many readers responded with their own stories. I’m going to share some stories with you, starting with this one from David Nova:

I don’t have any dangling earring stories for you, but I do have an excerpt from a speech I gave for AAUW regarding violence against women. The speech began with the following:
When I was a junior at Vassar College, a student was raped on the campus grounds. A few days later …(click for more)

No Temple in Temple

I am very excited about my next two speeches (see column on right) because I get to talk about something near and dear to my heart. I will tell my personal story of growing up, yes, in Temple TX, where there was no temple, and later farther west in the “Last Picture Show”-like town of Stamford TX.

My sometimes painful and sometimes funny experiences as one of a small minority and sometimes the only Jewish family in town, was the impetus for my commitment to social justice and led me to my life’s work for civil rights, including women’s reproductive rights.

My desire to be an all-American girl (just like everybody else I knew) coupled with a minimally observant family life led me away from Judaism at first. But when my children were told by neighbors that they had black hearts because they hadn’t been saved, I studied world religions, decided to embrace my own Jewish religion, became active in the small synagogue serving a 100-mile radius in West Texas, and began to truly value the source of my passion for repairing the world, Tikkun Olam.

There’s a new blog in town. Check out

Upcoming speeches

Special Conference Guest Speaker. “Civil Rights/Women’s Rights”

Hadassah Southern Region Spring Conference

April 23, Chattanooga TN

Chattanooga Choo-Choo Hotel (can you believe that?)

Keynote speaker: “There was No Temple in Temple: What Growing up Jewish in Small-Town Texas Taught Me About Leadership and Tikkun Olam”

Jewish Federation of Valley Alliance. Followed by book signing.

El Caballero Country Club

April 28, Tarzana CA

Bang Those Pots and Keep This Movement Moving
On International Women’s Day, Gloria Feldt looks back to a recent high-tide of activism at the Beijing global conference on women just over 10 years ago. Now more than ever, she says, we need to tap that same spirit of conviction.

Click here to read my commentary on Women’s e-News

The Battle to Ban Birth Control
Click here to read a great article exposing the attacks on birth control

*Bonnie St. John was the overall second fastest woman skier in the world on one leg in 1984 and the first African-American to win Olympic medals in skiing.
The quote at the top of this newsletter will be featured on Starbucks cups this fall. For more information click here.

January 2006 Newsletter

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Best wishes for the Brave New Year

New is good. What did you do new last year? I left a 30-year career of social movement leadership to become a solo practitioner writing and speaking about my passions. I got my ears pierced so I can wear those beautiful dangly earrings. Continue reading “January 2006 Newsletter”