The Evolution of Male-Female Relationships: An Interview with Leon Silver

by Gloria Feldt on October 13th, 2015
in Gender, Leadership, Women & Work

I recently had a chance to speak with my friend and Take The Lead board member Leon Silver, co-managing partner of the Phoenix office of law firm Gordon & Rees. Leon is a lifelong supporter of women’s rights and co-founder …

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Take The Lead Presented and Connected in 2014—and Wants Your Suggestions for 2015

by Gloria Feldt on December 29th, 2014
in Comments Form, General, Leadership, Media, Power, Take the Lead, Women & Work

Understanding the Role Confidence Plays Would workplaces become more balanced and society more equitable if women exhibited more confidence? Katty Kay and Claire Shipman created a stir with their book The Confidence Code and their article, “The Confidence Gap” in The …

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Women and the 3 C-Words (Not What You think)

by Gloria Feldt on September 22nd, 2014
in Leadership, Power, Women & Work

Journalist Sheila Weller triggered the gossip machine with her new book The News Sorority: Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Christiane Amanpour—and the (ongoing, Imperfect, Complicated) Triumph of Women in TV News, when she reported on C-word #1: competition between the three …

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How to Keep Women from Leadership Parity

by Gloria Feldt on September 4th, 2014
in Gender, General, Leadership

I led a women’s executive leadership workshop on “Women, Power, and Authentic Leadership” recently. A business school professor presented just before me, so I arrived early to observe her segment. She’s a highly skilled communicator who presented terrific content. Her elegant …

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It’s not the mountain that trips you, it’s the pebble.

by Gloria Feldt on July 2nd, 2014
in Environment, Feminism, General, Leadership, Take the Lead, Upcoming Events, Women & Work

My husband Alex and I just returned from a perfect vacation in the renowned Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. If you haven’t made this trip, put it on your bucket list. We swam with the giant sea turtles and iguanas, cavorted …

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Are Leadership Messes Women’s Opportunity?

by Gloria Feldt on June 20th, 2014
in Feminism, Gender, General, Leadership, The Economy, Women & Work

BirdsFemale leadership firsts are trending. Especially when an organization is in big trouble, it seems. Often the choice of a woman appears to be an act of desperation. Fix us, clean up the mess and make it all work. Call mommy to doctor a skinned knee, soothe the troubled waters.

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Power and Leadership: Storify Your #SummerofPower

by Gloria Feldt on June 3rd, 2014
in Leadership, Power, Take the Lead

Gloria Feldt TweetchatIn case you missed or want to relive our June 1 tweetchat, I’m pleased to share the Storify summary.  The tweetchat about women and power was incredibly fast paced — the tweets virtually whizzed by — and I had a great time answering as many questions as I could get to in our short time.

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Bikinis and Bongos: GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving Beats the Drums of Change

by Gloria Feldt on March 20th, 2014
in Feminism, Gender, Leadership, Power

Blake Irving When you speak with GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving, it’s easy to conjure the teenage percussionist he once was, asserting his high energy drive with his drumsticks, and quite possibly driving his mother crazy by beating bongos while doing the split in the kitchen like Jean-Claude Van Damme in this classically weird GoDaddy ad.

I had a chance to interview the leader of the world’s largest and most controversial domain name registrar, not long after his first anniversary there.

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Mary Barra, First Female GM CEO, Takes The Lead

by Gloria Feldt on December 27th, 2013
in Feminism, Gender, General, Leadership, Women & Work

GM Mary Barra
Does it seem odd for Mary Barra, the newly appointed CEO of General Motors—the first woman to hold that top position in the male-dominated automobile industry–to be profiled as a “woman like you” by the nonprofit organization Take The Lead I cofounded in late 2012?

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Boston Leads the Metropolis Charge to Erase Gender Wage Gap

by Gloria Feldt on December 11th, 2013
in Activism, Feminism, Gender, Leadership, Politics, Women & Work, Women's Rights

Boston Women Initiative
I was so excited to learn about Boston’s new initiative, designed to do something different to close the wage gap…The Women’s Workforce Council has created a compact to which businesses and companies of Boston are asked to pledge to pay their employees equal wages.

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