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“We must act now, with intention, to assume

our share of leadership roles.”

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Book Reviews

  • “What Gloria frames so beautifully in this book is that power is not good or bad in and of itself.  It is all about what you do with it. Her call to action is for us as women to use our power for positive change.  It is all about POWER TO and not POWER OVER.” ~Jacki Zehner, on Money, Markets, and Changing the World
  • “The biggest lesson I took from this book is the difference between what Feldt calls power over and power to. Men in leadership roles typically have power over those under them. But women’s power is the power to solve problems together. I prefer the latter, because power over always causes more problems than it solves.” 
    ~Steven Watson, Women’s Lit Book Club
  • “With heartfelt encouragement…(including strategies for including men in feminist causes), this guide is accessible to all.”
    ~Publisher’s Weekly
  • “Now if I’m ever reluctant to speak my mind, mix it up, negotiate for higher pay, I remind myself that I’m not just doing it for me, but for the women around me and the ones who will come after—to raise salary standards and expectations for all of us. I found Gloria Feldt’s book No Excuses really inspiring on that front.”
    ~Sarah Clemence, founder of Recessionwire, now Wall Street Journal travel editor
  • “If you’re afraid to get started, this book will get you unstuck. If you’re burnt out, No Excuses will relight the flames.”
    –Mary Hunt, co-founder of In Women We Trust
  • No Excuses is attitude-changing and empowering for women of any age. It challenges us to stop limiting ourselves, to clarify our intentions and manifest our goals. Gloria Feldt gives us information and what-to-do ideas that can turn women into activists on their own behalf and into change-makers in their world.”
    ~Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. Author of Goddesses in Everywoman and Urgent Message From Mother
  • “Your book offers tips on how women can turn things around.”
    ~Adriana Gardella, New York Times
  • “Feldt’s overall message is a sound one: While we can’t magically eliminate bias, we can work on self-imposed handicaps anytime we choose.”
    ~Leslie Bennetts, ELLE Magazine
  • “A well-reasoned discussion of women’s attitudes toward power and leadership roles.”
    ~ASU Alumni Magazine
  • “This is a book I will turn to and quote time and time again . . . If you are serious about advancing the course of women in society I urge you to read it.”
    ~Jane C. Woods, Changing People
  • “This is a timely and valuable resource . . .”
    Dorri Olds, The NYC Resident (jump to page 71)
  • “The best book I’ve read this year!
    ~Denise Tanton, Flamingo House
  • “You will see yourself in this book.”
    ~Bonnie McEwan,
  • “You write with such passion and clarity. [No Excuses] is sourced by a tremendous vision, then draws from true understanding of the challenges women face. I’m only 30 and have plenty to learn. Your call to action at the end was powerful, and I’m now making it my mission to get women in their 20s and 30s to pick up the baton and run along side you.”
    ~Jessica Kizorek, founder of Badass Business Women
  • “Gloria argues that we women limit ourselves by adhering to outdated social structures and by succumbing to pressure to conform to society’s standards.”
    ~Manisha Thakor, Forbes
  • “Gloria has written books before, but this one is the most prescriptive, the most daring, and–I’m guessing–will prove to be the most controversial.”
    ~Courtney Martin, Feministing
  • “No Excuses . . . gives a firm, supportive nudge to move past internal and external roadblocks.”
    ~Shira Tarrant, Ms. Magazine
  • “The time is ripe for women to reach full gender equality, if only they would seize it.”
    ~Wendy Leung, The Globe and Mail
  • “What Gloria calls her nine “Power Tools” were not written with writing in mind, but they are, every one of them, tools women who write should employ. And it’s a book I think every woman writer should read.”
    ~Kamy Wicoff, SheWrites
  • “Extremely valuable . . . a solid plan for women to make their feminist values a part of their lives.”
    ~Cherry Pi, Political Flavors
  • No Excuses is a book of mentorship. Feldt shares the lessons she’s learned throughout her career as well as concrete steps each of us can take to create an even stronger feminist movement.”
    ~Danine Spencer
  • “Feldt’s offering of impressive success stories, her list of power tools and her sincere enthusiasm for fostering women leaders will leave her readers with a heightened awareness of the inequalities that must be overcome and a willingness to participate in changing the system.”
    ~Theresa Noll, On The Issues Magazine
  • “Feldt employs a no-nonsense, tough-love point of view to expose the internal and external roadblocks holding women back, but she doesn’t place blame . . . No Excuses is a timely and invaluable book that intends to help women equalize gender power in politics, work, and love.”
    ~Jodi Jacobson, RH Reality Check
  • “Her words come from a place of hard-earned experience — which is exactly why I’m going to do my best to take her advice to heart!”
    ~Joanne Bamberger, Punditmom
  • “Gloria Feldt understands the difference between knowing our history and “living in the past.” She is not lamenting the end of second-wave feminism with a sense of activist-nostalgia (as many others seem to do), but instead arguing that we use the past to guide us, empower us, and inform our choices for the future. “
    ~Leah Berkenwald, Jewish Women’s Archive Blog
  • “In a few short sentences she has pinpointed a big part of what keeps the wage gap open.”
    ~ShaynaLeah, Life.Forward
  • “If there’s anyone who can provide real answers, it’s Feldt.”
    ~Claire Mysko
  • “She doesn’t recommend that we sit back and wait for the powers-that-be to notice. Instead, she wants us to stand up, speak up, and make sure they notice.”
    ~Terry Hernon MacDonald, Single Women Rule
  • “Gloria Feldt is a powerhouse – and she knows how to use her power for the greater good. She’s a leader, a mentor, and an inspiration. This book will clear your path to success, stripping away any of the barriers you think are in your way.”
    ~Hello Ladies
  • “Instead of pointing the finger at this or that problem, Gloria provides practical solutions.”
    ~Serena Freewomyn, Feminists For Choice
  • “If you ever dove into something headfirst, you know the value of having a teacher who is strict, loving and tough. That’s what Gloria has done with “No Excuses.” She’s the “Do It Anyway” maven who just might be the perfect partner as we negotiate these fascinating times.”
    ~Ellen Snortland, Pasadena Weekly
  • “Feldt . . . [is] pointing out that if women want to reap the tangible benefits of feminism, we can’t rest on the laurels of having choices; we must make choices that advance us.”
    ~Shauna Miller, XX Factor @
  • “In short, this is a great book that reads well, will get you thinking, and with a touch of grace, taking action. Highly recommended.”
    ~Make Waves
  • No Excuses looks at how women use language–words and body language–and offers advice on how to navigate conversations.
    ~Denise Graveline, The Eloquent Woman
  • “This is a great book because it is overwhelmingly positive, encouraging and inclusive. It builds momentum and fosters hope.”
    ~Deep Muck Big Rake
  • “Gloria Feldt argues that it’s time for women to stop pointing fingers and just claim our equality already. Feldt’s new book gives us nine clues on how to do that, from changing the way we think about power to resisting being co-opted into a man’s world.”
    ~Amanda Hess, TBD
  • “This is the kind of book you have to put down and digest before taking more in.”
    ~One Woman’s Eye
  • “Claiming personal power can be one of the greatest life lessons we will ever learn.”
    ~Eileen Williams, Feisty Over 50
  • “As an assertive female who has worked in the business/employment departments of male-dominated law firms where I was the first female lawyer allowed into the department on more than one occasion, I can appreciate the points the author makes.”
    ~Christina Catenacci, First Reference Human Resources Blog
  • “That tiny shift in my attitude opened my soul to the amazing discussion that evening.”
    Kim Thien, I’m Not the Nanny
  • “What Gloria is saying about moving from power over to power to is elegant and eloquent and truly expands the way we frame our understanding of power.”
    Feminist Peace Network
  • “Where her book is most valuable is when she discusses specific ways women can transcend this gender role conditioning while also challenging dominant workplace cultures.”
    ~Fannie, Fannie’s Room
  • “If you’re a woman, I advise you to read this book and discover what you need to unlock the power to, for anything in your life. You can do it!”
    ~Judy Miller, Story Circle Book Reviews

Dianne Post offers a very thorough review of No Excuses at Elevate Difference, where she explains why she both agrees and disagrees with the points I make in No Excuses.

Not sure how I feel about this book review from Media Bistro. Just look at the last line.

  • “[Feldt’s] call to political action is compelling.”
    ~Adela Crandell Durkee, The Black Tortoise
  • No Excuses . . . is EXACTLY the kick in the butt I need during this dreadful time of year.”
    ~Shannon Drury, Radical Housewife


“‘Carpe the Chaos,’ writes Gloria. Chaos opens us up to new ways of thinking. And that change shifts energy; leading us to new opportunities.” -Kristal Brent Zook, Huff Post Women, April 12, 2012

“Making 78 cents to every man’s dollar isn’t good enough. In No Excuses, Feldt argues now is the time for women to hoist themselves up, into boardrooms, government offices and other leadership roles.”
~Nicole Baute, The Star

“We need to redefine power in our own terms.”
~Interview with Young Urban Moms

Embrace controversy. It gives you a platform. It nudges you to clarity. “Gloria embodies this, it oozes out of her pores. She tells it like it is and she’s got an articulate stance on everything (and she’s not afraid to share it). Thank goodness for that.” 
~Article written by Nathalie Molina Nino, Therapy for Business Women

“Nobody is keeping women from parity – except themselves.”
~Ask a Money Expert

Walker Vreeland talks to Gloria on WBAZ, Part 1.

Business News Network asking me to give the No Excuses explanation for why women still only make up 18% of corporate boardrooms.

“I had several “Aha!” moments while interviewing Gloria about No Excuses.”
~Madama Ambi

“Gloria talks about how women have enormous influence in the world today — and that we can use that power if we have the ability to see it and the strength to use it.”
~Carolyn Parrs, Women of Green

“Feldt urges women to recognize the power they hold and discusses the hardest steps for women to take in order to exercise such power. She even argues that President Obama can use Feldt’s 9 ways!”
~Cherie, The Daily Femme

Great interview with See Jane Do, encouraging women to step into positions of power and leadership – now!