We Believe Anita Hill 20th Anniversary Party

Ania Hill signing her new bookMore than 500 people came out for the 20th Annual I Believe Anita Hill Party.

For the past 20 years, S. Carolina women have been honoring Professor Hill’s contribution to women’s right to be free of sexual harassment in the workplace. This year, for the 20th Anniversary, Professor Hill for the first time attended the party (on October 20) and the following day she was a  keynote for the annual S. Carolina Women Lawyers Association Conference.

Photo: Ania Hill signing her new book


“Gloria Who? To a Generation of Women She Was Martin Luther King, Jr.” by Victoria Pynchon. Forbes, August 12, 2011

Event Details:

At the party, Professor Hill was on hand all evening to shake hands, sign copies of her new book, Reimaging Equality: Stories of Gender, Race and Finding Home, and make remarks.

The audience cheered as she encouraged them to keep up the fight for equality in the work force and vigilance against sexual harassment.

Thurs. 10/20/11, Columbia SC
Keynote and panel
We Believe Anita Hill 20th Anniversary Party


Anita Hill party over 500 attendees
Anita Hill party over 500 attendees


Anita Hill party organizers with Hill
Anita Hill party organizers with Hill



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