Burlington Book Festival: Burlington, Vermont

September 25: Burlington Book Festival

The Burlington Book Festival was the second stop on my book tour. It was an honor to appear with authors like Peter Galbraith and Ann Hood. You can read more about it in the Burlington Free Press.

Left: Signing books after my presentation at the Burlington Book Festival, I met this amazing women who told her “power to” story: younger sister to five brothers, she told her mother she wanted to be a scientist. Her mother told her her brothers could become doctors and she could be a nurse. She persisted and became a scientist, one of few women in scientific research at the time. Her power to moment came when the men she worked with attempted to take the credit for her findings. She insisted that they give her equal billing–and they did.

Center: This woman is unlimited. She’s founder and CEO of a wind power company. Maybe the female Bill Gates is on the way?

Right: You can’t get there from Burlington except by Greyhound. After speaking at the Burlington Book Fair, I took the bus for Boston to attend a Jewish Women’s Archive board meeting.

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