Goosebumps Over Dipnotes

I was over at the UN last week. Staffers from a variety of countries mentioned how great it feels to the international community to know that the US is back–resuming its rightful place in among the member countries of the United Nations. One woman said to me that she goes around these days smiling and saying “Yes, we can!”

What gave me goose bumps? Being reminded what a profound impact Hillary Clinton is making as Secretary of State–and a SOS who understands and prioritizes women in her approach to the rest of the world at that– when I signed onto my Twitter account (I’m Heartfeldt if you want to follow me) a moment ago and saw the following tweet from Dipnotes, the Department of State’s blog name and Twitter handle.

Question of the Week: How Best Can Women’s Rights Be Expanded Internationally?

The world recognizes March 8 as International Women’s Day. During her recent travel to the Middle East, Secretary Clinton met with women who are developing their own businesses through a microcredit program. Promoting women’s economic and political participation is an important element of U.S. foreign policy and a key component of democratic development.

Yes, indeed we can! Check out the Dipnotes website and leave your opinion there. And please tell us what you said here at Heartfeldt also.

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2 thoughts on “Goosebumps Over Dipnotes

  1. Yes, that’s a very good thing. I was watching Hillary’s press conference when she was meeting with the Palestinian officials and my head jerked up to look at the tv when all of a sudden she started talking about March being women’s history month and she started discussing the importance of women and women’s rights- I give her a lot of props for that, particularly in that setting.

    I have high hopes for her- she definitely can get attention for important issues, I just have to keep reminding myself that she’s the SOS representing the US administration and not a presidential candidate or activist and thus at times (like with China and even in the West Bank) she may not be able to speak out as much about issues we know she cares about.

    I will head over to dipnotes…

  2. I went over to dipnotes the other day and left a message about women’s rights and also pointed out human rights in general need to be advocated loudly by the US because, as we know, “women’s rights ARE human rights.” As we speak, today (March 10th) is the 50th Anniversary of the Tibet uprising and the nuns (and monks and supporters of Buddhism) who have been tortured by the Chinese govt are speaking out against the repression in Tibet- it would be nice if the US, in honor of Women’s History Month, would speak to this issue. Nancy Pelosi has done so today, but I’d like to hear it from Obama or Hillary.

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